Answered: SolidWorks VEX Manual/Tutorial

Would VEXlabs consider releasing a manual or tutorial on using Solidworks with the vex parts? I don’t think it would have to be much mainly just here is how you put the pieces together.

If not, I have not been able to find a good way to mate the axles to the bearings/wheels/etc. I assuming that since you guys released the parts that you have built models using them. How do you mate the axles to the bearings/wheels/etc?

We will consider making an instructional guide on assembling the Vex CAD files.

When I mate axles with bearings/metal/etc, I typically put an axis down the center of the axle. Then I mate off this axis with the cylindrical surfaces on the parts.

I will likely put an axis in the center of each hole on the metal parts, for this same purpose.

Many of the plastic parts have angled surfaces; these surfaces are angled because of the way they are molded. Sometimes these angled surfaces make it difficult to mate the parts together. In these cases, I will use the edges of the part instead of the faces.

Hopefully some of this helps.