Answered: Some Match Questions

Sorry to interrupt your free time, but I have a couple of questions to ask;

  1. If your robot high hangs with a nonfunctional object that would droop down(when the robot hangs upside-down or sideways) below the top edge of the perimeter, would it still be considered high hanging? And if it’s not considered high hanging but low hanging, would the object be considered functional because it is match affecting?
  2. After a few bit of competitions, I saw teams handing the 30 second cube to their robot that isn’t even touching a starting tile, but the cube is above the starting tile. Is this still legal?
    Thank you so much for taking your time off of Christmas Break to answer these questions.
    Merry Christmas!

No, it would not be considered High Hanging. The non functional part is still considered part of the Robot.

No, this is not legal. The Cube either needs to be placed on the Alliance Station Starting Tile, or on a Robot touching said tile.