Answered: some questions about the rules

In the time of drive competition,is it allowed to throw the tubes or the moveable weighted base into the area which is under the ladder?If the half of rube is hung on the goal post,will the judge think it is a rube getting scores?In the competition time,can we use our robot to move the ladder and moveable weighted base away?Thank you

Yes, this is legal.

Let’s take a look of the definition of scored from Section 2 of the VEX Round Up Game Manual, I’ve bolded some text for emphasis.

Thus, if half the tube is hung on the goalpost, as long as part of the tube is encircling the goalpost it will be scored.

Yes, you may move both the ladder and the movable weighted bases.

You said "If the lip of the movable weighted base is touching a foam tile at the end of the match, the goalpost is not projected. " and I want to know what’s the details.Do you mean if the moveable weighted base is touching the foam tile,the tube which is above it will not be considered scored?And if there are some tubes encircling the moveable weighted base which is touching a foam tile,will these tubes be considered scored?(These tubes are also touching the foam tile.)
and i have another question.How long is the legal time for the robots to have a hit?Is it stilled 5 seconds like last few years?

If the **lip **of the movable weighted base is touching the foam tile, the only tubes which will count as scored are those which are encircling the goalpost. Please see the definition of scored which is quoted in my prior post in this thread.


If by “hit” you mean pinned, yes the pinning rule still specifies a maximum of five seconds.

Thank you very much~~:)But can i ask one more question?
I know when the competition begins,my robot must be in a starting area.In the rule i see it is a square.So,my question is:“Is it necessery to make my robot in the starting area totally?Is it also okay to make some part of my robot in this area?”

Thank you very much~~:)
But can you answer one more question?
As we all know,at the beginning of the competition we should put our robot in the starting area.So my question is:Is it necessery to make it in this area totally?Is it legal not to put some part of my robot in this area?

I’ve quoted the pertinent rule below.

Thus, robots must begin the match while touching the tile, but the do not need to be entirely within the tile.