Answered: Some <S1> questions

Hi Karthik,

First off, thanks for the very quick response time to Q+A threads lately. Your dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed.

I have three questions about <S1>, one of which is a simple clarification and two of which are about what seem to be extensions of the rule established by past Q+A:

Question 1: What is meant by “unsafe”? Does it apply exclusively to things that are unsafe to humans, or does it also apply to things that are unsafe to property (robots, field elements, scoring objects)?

Question 2: In this Q+A thread from June, you used the words “attempt to damage the field” in reference to <S1>. Specifically, you said:

The problem being, *attempts *to damage the field are not prohibited under <S1>. To violate <S1> a robot has to *actually *damage the field (or be “unsafe”).

So the question is: Was this Q+A intended to make attempts to damage the field illegal, or was this an oversight? Should referees be evaluating intent when assessing potential <S1> violations?

Question 3: In another Q+A thread, you said:

The only rules that allow for disablement in the manual are <S2> and <SG6> (though allowing them under <S1> seems sensible). If it was your intention to allow disablements under <S1>, could you please clarify when they should be used?

Sorry if these questions come across as nitpicky. As you’ve said before:


Thanks Karthik.

You’re welcome!

It applies to actions that are unsafe to humans, as well as actions that could do excessive damage to Robots, Field Elements and Scoring Objects. As you can understand it would be impossible to create an exhaustive list of unsafe actions, or even to provide a specific all-encompassing definition.

Attempts to damage the field are illegal, as well as unintentional actions that cause excessive damage to the field. For example, a Robot that while trying to score rips the Goals off the wall. There intent was not to damage the field, however their action caused excessive amounts of damage.

Teams should be Disabled under <S1>, if Disabling the team will terminate an unsafe condition. For example, if a team is about rip a properly secured Goal of the wall, a referee would be within his/her rights to disable the Robot.

With the safety rules, the intent is always to prevent unsafe conditions that could injure humans, or cause excessive damage to the field or Robots.

However, the intent is not to mitigate aggressive game play. VEX Toss Up is a highly interactive game; we do not want referees using <S1> as justification for Disabling or Disqualifying robots who play with an aggressive style.