Answered: Spare Robot?

Our team was participating in the Hawaii Pan Pacific VEX Tournament and one of the inspectors asked,“Is this your only robot that you have under this team number?”

I was just wondering if he asked this because:

  1. Spare robots are allowed?

  2. We can switch out our robots mid competition.

As far as I know we are not allowed to switch out robots under the same team number during the course of a competition. Just wondering if we are missing something. As a rookie team we do miss a lot of things. Let us know. Thank you.

  1. No.
  2. No.

Quoted below is the rule which disallows multiple robots.

Thanks for clarifying. We really thought we missed something in the rules when the inspector asked that. Whew. We are on the same page. Thank you.

You’re welcome. The inspector most likely asked that to make sure you didn’t have a second robot.