Answered: Specification for G11

I have a couple questions regarding what G11 covers and doesn’t cover.

  1. A ‘wallbot’ that can expand and contract willingly and is only used for defence. Eg a robot that after expanding, can contract to fit itself into the original 18" cube and is no longer using blockers in a defencive manner. Is is still discriminated against by G11a?
  1. Once again in the case of a wallbot. If an offensive robot attempts to move the wallbot and gets entangled, then the wallbot contracts so there is no chance of un-entangling the robots. I assume this would be covered by <G11>:

and thus the offensive robot would not be at fault. In this instance would the defensive robot [wallbot] be DQ’d for entanglement

That’s all! Thanks in advance.

<G11a> will only apply to a robot which is utilizing its expansion to obstruct the field. If a robot has contracted back to its original size, <G11a> would no longer apply.

Yes, you are correct. In this case the “wall-bot” would be considered responsible for the entanglement and possibly punished by <G11>.

Thanks Karthik! I’m sure this will be useful to some other referees. I know it has been for me.