Answered: Split Large Ball

Hi Karthik,

During a scrimmage on Saturday, one of our large balls started to deflate during a practice match. As the Ref for this match I decided as per Rule S1 to disqualify the robot in possession of the large ball once the match had ended.

The robot was inspected and no sharp edges were found as the large ball had only come in contact with the rubber used on flaps from the Tank Tread Upgrade Kit and the flat of polycarbonate. Under inspection of the big ball we found that the ball had burst down the seam ( This led us to believe that the robot had put too much pressure on the ball which caused it to rip where it was weakest and was therefore unintentional.

The ball was inflated using an air compressor to the specifications you stated in this post and had been handled in previous matches by the same robot without any issues.

I understand that you cannot issue a blanket ruling on this kind of occurrence. However should the robot involved have been disqualified in this instance, given the situation described?

Would this ball be able to be replaced by tech support as per what JVN said in this [thread, or would it be best if I talked to them myself?

Where would the blame lie in this situation? The robot that was handling the ball, the volunteers for blowing it up to a level where this kind of damage could occur, or in the manufacturing of a ball that could not withstand normal match play?

Thanks for your help.](“”)

From what you’ve described, the Robot should not have been disqualified in this situation. It seems that this was just a fluke occurrence.

Yes, contact tech support as per the instructions listed in the linked thread.

It’s really difficult to assign any sort of blame in this situation, as the popping of the ball could have been caused by a multitude of factors.

Thanks for a quick response Karthik. Your guidance is always appreciated.

You’re welcome!