Answered: Splitter Update

Has there been any new news about the replacements for the Splitters?
I know they understand the problem with it and are willing to fix the problems.

We should have the new version of Signals Splitters about Sept 08.

Now that it’s September, Anything new on the replacements?
I need this splitter for a project. Is there a replacement form we need to fill out?

The ship dated on the Signal Splitter has slipped. We should be able to ship about mid October. Sorry for the delay.

I apologize for the long wait but the New Improved VEX Signal Splitter is now available. If you have previously purchased a VEX Signal Splitter (Part Number 276-2217) and are having problems due to jitter on channels 1-4, please send an email to [email protected] for information on how to get your Signal Splitter replaced. Please be sure to include your Invoice Number so we may verify the purchase date and source.

Thank you so much for staying up pn the replacement part.
Can’t wait to use the splitter.
Info sent.

Note: You must be able to provide proof of purchase from us or through an authorized re-seller.

New Splitter received today!!!
Thank yo so much Ricky and Vex :o)