Answered: Stabilizing Robot using Field Wall

In this thread:
you said that “What you’ve described is legal if the team manages to do so without grasping, grappling, or attaching to the field perimeter or any other Field Elements.”
Would it be considered “grasping, grappling, or attaching” to extend screws into the empty assembly holes (i.e. we used them to support posts in Skyrise) in the field wall?
This would be for the sole purpose of stabilizing the lifter robot which stays on the field, while the elevated robot would not touch the field perimeter.
The screws would be entirely removable by simply driving away, so they would not “latch on” to the field either.
Thanks for clarifying!

This is very creative, I will give you credit for that. However screwing into the wall, despite the ease of driving away, would still be considered attaching to the field perimeter.