Answered: Stack on a touched mobile goal

We had a situation come up today where at the end of a practice match, one robot was touching their mobile goal that had cones on it. The argument was that the cones were not counted because of the robot touching the mobile goal. I decided that the cones did count, and here was my logic:
Starting with the definition of scored.

And the the note on the definition of stacked.

So the mobile goal was not scored, but the stack counted. Is this correct?
The counterargument is that any cone above where one was touched does not count, but that section does not mention mobile goals being touched.

This interpretation is correct, provided that the robot was only contacting the Mobile Goal, not any of the Cones above it. If it were in a Scoring Zone, the Mobile Goal would not have counted as Scored - but this does not have any bearing on any Cones that are Stacked on the Mobile Goal.

If the robot was contacting any Cones above the Mobile Goal, then that Cone and any above it would not have counted as Stacked. However, the Mobile Goal itself is not a Cone.