Answered: Standing up Fallen Robot After Autonomous

At a recent tournament, the judge ruled that a robot that has fallen during the autonomous period (even if it had left the starting tile) can be stood up by the alliance (by touching it). Is this interpretation correct when considering <G7>? Also, is there a difference in correct interpretation when the robot is disabled while blocking parts of both alliances’ sides of the field?

One justification the judge gave for the ruling was that <G7> does not apply since the time between autonomous and driver control is not part of the match.

Thanks in advance!

<G7> Drive Team Members are prohibited from making intentional contact with any Scoring Object, Field Element or Robot during a Match, with the exception of the contact specified in <SG3> and <SG4>.

(SG3&4 are not relevant as they do not apply to this situation)

No, this interpretation is not correct. Teams are absolutely not allowed to to pick up a fallen Robot during a match.