Answered: Starstruck loads and .....

Hello all,

I am new to VEX, VEX IQ and the rules for both.
Just a concerned parent looking for rule clarification with VEX Starstruck and how some adults handle themselves at VEX tournaments.

At any time during a match or skills are participants allowed to hold loads down on the field or smash loads together (cubes/stars) while a robot picks them up?

Also what are the rules with adults working on robots?

I witnessed a few different adults working on robots and the situation never looks to be an emergency and is clearly a disadvantage to the overwhelming number of teams whos robots have never had an adult touch them once. I know there is nothing that can be done away from a tournament but what can be done the day of by a parent when this is discovered. Looking forward to helping more than logistics once I understand what’s going on better. TIA

Part of this question is addressed by <SG5>

It is both normal and legal for a Robot to grab a Driver Control Load while the Driver is still holding it.

There are no specific game rules regarding adults working on Robots in the VEX Robotics Competition. That being said, judges will be watching for this type of behaviour at events and will be considering it as they make their award determinations. Please consult the Awards Appendix and the Judges’ Guide for more details.