Answered: Starting Tile -- Need a definitive answer

Good morning (or evening or afternoon depending upon where in the world you are) everybody.

We searched the forums for this answer but could not find the answer to our question. So here it is:

If our robot is with the 18" cube limit at the beginning of the match, knowing that we cannot TOUCH the grey tiles whatsoever at the beginning of a match prior to autonomous, is it LEGAL for the robot itself to not be TOUCHING, but breaking the vertical plane of the grey tile?

Some are saying yes, others are saying no (students, that is).

Below is a picture of the starting position. As you can hopefully see, the robot is breaking the plane of the blue tile (both the chassis and also the gears are), but the actual physical robot isn’t touching it in any way.

Here’s the link to the picture:

And I am sorry for asking this. I am sure it has been answered, but when you search “starting tile” or “starting position”, you get so many threads.


UPDATE: One of my students found the answer. Looks like as long as you’re within the 18x18x18" sizing requirements and also not touching a grey tile, you’re legal for the beginning of the match.

Here’s the thread:

Thanks for searching the forum and finding your answer!