Answered: State Qualification

Hi, this year and over the past 3 years of vex I have seen many teams running the same robot under different plates to gain multiple qualifications to state.

For example

TEAM 1 has 3 robots and 3 teams

1a (has really good robot)
1b (has decent robot)
1c (has decent robot)

So say team 1A takes their really good robot and wins a a tourney and gains a spot in state.
1A( qualified) and 1b, 1c (not qualified)

Then say the team has a tournament a week later Team A wants to help the B team qualify for state. So what Team A does is they take their robot and driver and have them compete for team B during the next tourney(and winning) therefore qualifying the B team for the state champs.

I have seen many teams doing this and last year one team in my state earned 6 spots at the state champs using the same robot and the same driver. IS this legal? There is no rule against it and I saw the posting made by the official Vex GDC account on the few forums earlier this season speakingg about the legality of sharing a robot between teams.

No, this is not legal.