Answered: Static Electricity

Is it possible for static electricity to cause problems with VEX robots. For example at the FTC world championships there seemed to be a lot of static electricity. This seemed partly due to new carpet however, we have also noticed on our own home field there can be some charge build up.

So is it a problem?

Would grounding the robot somehow help? Since all the wheels are rubber it seems like you could easily build up a charge on the bot.

Yes, static electricity can cause problems to Vex robots or any other electronic device. Adding a grounding strap to your robot can help dissipate a static charge.

Would a small piece of 1x metal do the trick. How close would it have to be 1/8" from the ground?

Yes that should do the trick but you want it to be in contact with the ground all the time.

Ok thanks for your help, I’m thinking this might solve some of the control problems we’ve had before…