Answered: STEM Project and Engineering Notebooks

We are brand new to VEX IQ. Can you clarify details about the STEM Project and Engineering Notebooks? Are both the project and notebooks required in order for the team to advance to the final round? Or are they purely optional? Are they worth points? When are the notebooks looked at? When does the team make their STEM research project presentation? Thanks for pointing me to any details!

Hello jenschultz, welcome to the VEX IQ Challenge!

Generally, the purpose of this Q&A forum is to provide clarifications on specific rules questions pertaining to the current year’s VIQC game. The STEM Research Project and Engineering Notebook are used for judged awards, such as the Excellence and Design Award, which are handled separately from the on-field gameplay. For more information about these awards and details regarding this year’s STEM Research Project, check out the REC Foundation website here:

Your REC Foundation Regional Support Manager should be able answer your more specific questions and guide you through the process of developing a new VEX IQ program. You can find their contact information here: