Answered: Strictly defensive play

“VEX Gateway is intended to be an offensive game. Teams who partake in solely defensive strategies will
undergo extra scrutiny in regards to <G11>. In the case where referees are forced to make a judgment
call on interaction between a defensive and offensive Robot, the referees will err on the side of the
offensive Robot.”

We have been told at meets that this means that we have to at least make an attempt to score in each match or else we will be disqualified. My interpretation of the rule is that we would be disqualified only if we tipped or entangled another robot. Would a robot that made no attempt to score be disqualified even if it broke no other rule?

This is absolutely not true. <G11> makes no mention of this whatsoever.

No, that team would not be disqualified. The part of G11 that you quoted serves as a reminded that extra scrutiny will be placed upon any solely defensive strategy, and that in the case of a judgement call between an offensive and defensive robot, the referees will favour the offensive robot.

Thank you for clarifying. I thought that this was the case, but I wanted to make sure.

You’re welcome.