Answered: Substitute Teams

I have a question about when/if teams should be allowed to take the place of no-shows. I was at an event as a spectator this weekend, but am also an event partner, and was asked about this several times. There are three basic scenarios that I would like to know if it is acceptable to allow another team at the event to substitute for a no-show:

  1. The no-show team is at the event but does not come to the field
  2. The no-show team did not show up at the event but was included in the schedule and the event partner will not re-run the schedule
  3. The no-show team was at the event and included in the schedule but left and will not be returning

In Indiana, over the past several years substitutes are normally not allowed for #1, but are for #2 and #3.

Do all the same rules apply for IQ events?


The official rules make no allowances for no-show teams. However we understand that Event Partners will work to replace teams who were not able to attend the event but ended up on the match schedule. You should contact your local REC Foundation rep for guidance on how to handle these situations.