Answered: Subsystems Clarification

Upon seeing this thread, I thought about another question regarding the same topic.

The following is rule <R1>.

Based on this rule, my question is the following:
Is it legal to move multiple “subsystem 3” to another “subsystem 1” that is 100% identical to the original subsystem 1 solely for the reason that the original subsystem 1 is no longer functional due to extreme damage that can not be repaired at the event?

To clarify, an example would be to have 1 extra drive train that is in every way 100% identical to the original drive base. Now if the drive base of the original robot was damaged beyond repair at the event, would it be legal to simply move the rest of the robot to the new drive base in order to be able to continue competing?

If that is not legal, would it become legal if the robot is inspected in both configurations?

My assumption would be that this is not legal because it says that you may not switch out subsystems 1 or 2, but I was wondering if it changes based on this scenario.

I apologize for this long question and greatly appreciate your time and effort to provide an answer. Thank you.

Yes, swapping out an entire drive base for a replacement one would be considered a complete swap of Subsystem 1, and would not be legal. Depending on how complete the replacement robot is (e.g. if it also had a control system or associated other mechanisms), this could also be considered having a second robot at a competition, and thus a violation of <R1b>.