Answered: Subsystems definition: "Majority of Field"

Inspired by the heated discussion in this thread, I wanted to receive clarification on the definitions of Robot Rule 1 subsystems (highlighted portions of the quote below are of special interest).

Participants in the referenced thread seem to be construing the wording of this rule to restrict robots to those that have been designed to “navigate the majority of the field,” and prohibit those that are designed to navigate only a portion thereof.

Thus, my question is, “Could Subsystem 1 be alternatively defined as: ‘Mobile robotic base including wheels, tracks, legs, or any other mechanism used by the robot for the majority of its navigation of the flat playing field surface.’?” (see change in red.) This removes any confusion over whether the robot is required to be designed to traverse the majority of the field, but rather reflects (what I believe to be) the intent of the definition.

Yes, this interpretation is correct. Robots do not need to be designed to traverse the majority of the field.

Thank you for your quick response! :slight_smile:

(I’m always amazed at how fast you field these Q&A’s, even though it seems like we flood you with them all the time…)

You’re welcome!

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