Answered: Surgical tubing allowed?

I have looked for a clear rule on the allowable use of surgical tubing, but I have not found a specific rule. So, I am asking here: Is any type of surgical tubing allowed in VRC?

NOTE: I do know about the latex tubing as well as rubberbands sold by VEX, but am curious about stronger surgical tubing.

Let’s take a look through the VEX Gateway Manual to find a clear rule for this question.

This means that if it’s not a VEX part, you can’t use it unless it’s specifically allowed somewhere else in the manual. Since you’re talking about non-VEX surgical tubing we need to continue looking. <R7> deals specifically with non-VEX components.

Looking through all these allowances, we can see the non-VEX surgical tubing does not fall into any of these categories, hence it is not legal for VRC usage.