Answered: <T01> Question

Hi, Karthik,
I just wanted the clarify the ruling in <T01>. Please understand that I am in no way arguing, I just want to understand the rule.

It states in the Gateway manual: a. The referees will not review any recorded replays.

Does this mean that, if my team recorded a match, and the judges made an obvious mistake such as not scoring a whole goal, that we could not show them the material we recorded?

I would be lying if I said my team has never done this. In one instance, it turned out that the ref mixed up the color of the objects in one goal, causing us to lose the match. We showed them the recording and they immediately fixed the score for us.

I’m just trying to understand the intent of this rule. I can understand not wanting to take up too much time, but in a case like this, I feel like the rule could cause problems.


This is correct. VRC Referees are not supposed to review any recorded replays.

There are multiple reasons for this rule, some of which include:

  • If referees were to review replays throughout the day, there would be excessive delays
  • Video recordings are typically not conclusive as they don’t always show the entire field. (Think of the youtube videos of tournaments we see posted on this forum. Many times incorrect conclusions are drawn, due the recording only painting a partial picture.)
  • To be fair to all teams at an event, we would have to accept all video recordings or none at all. Since accepting all is clearly not feasible, accepting none is the only alternative.

Ok, thanks for the quick reply. I can completely understand this, I just wanted to clarify…All in all, the refs are very good at competitions, so I doubt we will run into problems.

Thanks again!

You’re welcome!