Answered: Tank Tread Upgrade Kit - Conveyor Belt Insert Problem

I just received the VEX Tank Tread Upgrade Kit and I was a little disappointed. I really looking forward to getting it, but I figured that the parts would be green to match the VEX Tank Treads - not gray.

The main disappointment was that I couldn’t get the Conveyor Belt Inserts into the Conveyor Belt Base Links. I figured that they were supposed to fit tightly so that they wouldn’t come out during use, but these are too tight. I tried several different Base Links and Belt Inserts, but I could only get them 1/4 of the way in. They were so tight that I had a hard time getting them back out.

I really like the fact that the Belt Inserts are flexible - I just wish that I could get them together. The only thing that I could think of doing was using a piece of sandpaper to enlarge the slots in the Base Links, but that’s not such a great idea.

Did I just receive a bad kit or is there something that you can suggest for me to try? I’m really anxious to try the Conveyor Belt parts out to see how well they work. Any help that you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

I’m sorry for your frustrations. These are meant to be very tight to ensure they don’t come out during usage. In future batches we may try to loosen this fit a bit, if it becomes a major problem.

I can recommend trying to use a pair of pliers to get them on.
-Insert the tip of the conveyor-fin into the base-link.
-Grab this tip with a pair of pliers.
-Using the pliers, pull the conveyor-fin down the slot until it is fully installed.

Note, be careful not to tear the conveyor-fin with the pliers.
Also try to guide the fin into place as you pull it. It will try to pop-out in the center section.

Hopefully this helps.

Thank you for the suggestions and for getting back with me so fast - I didn’t expect to get an answer over the weekend.

I’m was just afraid that the pliers might leave marks in the softer material of the conveyor - fins or tear them as you mentioned so I tried something else instead.

I used a strip of very fine sand paper on a piece of cardboard and ran it through the slot in one of the base - links. The fin still fits tight but at least I can pull it in and out by hand. I just sanded the top side of the slot where no one can see.

It will take awhile to do the other 29 base - links this way though because the carboard likes to bend and buckle since it is so thin.