Answered: Team members rights

Is it an alliance’s/ team’s right to be able to count the points made right after the match while not interfering with the official counting process by the judges? The problem is that we were at a competition and we went out count our points and the referees told us not to get near the net and that we were not allowed to count until they were done. Once they were finally done, we approached the nets to count and the referees started throwing the balls out, not being able to count the right points. If the referees counted wrong,we would not be able to allege. My question is simple, what rights do VEX competitors have?

Teams may not enter the field or touch Scoring Objects until the referees are done their official count. Once the count is over, the referees will will instruct field personnel to reset the field. Thus there is no guarantee that teams will have a chance to recount the score at this point.

Yes, this is the correct procedure.

Yes, this is the correct procedure. The field needs to be reset for the next match.