Answered: Tethering issues

We are using the Cortex microcontroller but are having trouble with tethering. Before, when we tethered the cortex with the joystick, it would connect. Now, when we tether both of them, the VEXnet light is yellow and blinking. We turned on ONLY the cortex and it doesn’t seem to work.

We are also having troubles with the VEXnet keys: this is why we are trying to tether. The keys are not linking up with each other.

Please update your Programming Software. Now use the VEXnet Upgrade Tool that is part of the Software install. Upgrade both the CORTEX and Joystick with Master Code. Now trying Tethering again and you should get a solid Green VEXnet LED on both units. Until you get a good Tether, I doubt the system will ever Link using the VEXnet Keys.

So I downloaded the newest version of easyC. I upgraded the cortex but I can’t seem to upgrade the joystick. When I click on “Search”, the computer cannot find the joystick. The joystick light is red when I plug the joystick to the computer.

Try this if you haven’t already done so. Reboot your PC. Make sure the Joystick is turned OFF. Hold the CONFIG Button depressed while connecting the USB A-A Cable. Release the CONFIG Button when the LEDs on the Joystick are Green. Now open the Upgrade Tool and click on Search. You should be able to click the Download button on the Tool.


Thank you so much!!!

Glad you got it going!