Answered: The intent of SG4?

Although we realize that one of the intents of <SG4> is to prevent teams from driving in their scoring zone, we were wondering whether this would prevent teams from implementing a wall which extended into their scoring zone.

The intent is very simple. We don’t want robots going onto the far side of the field, but we also don’t want to limit teams that extend over onto the far side.

If as part of your strategy you are extending over/under the wall and you touch the foam tiles in your scoring zone, you will be disabled.

It all has to do with “intent”. If you “intentionally” cross the wall and touch, you are in violation of <SG4>.

For Reference:

You’ll note this is all at the discretion of the head-referee. He or she will determine what constitutes “intentionally” contacting tiles across the wall.

Teams should keep this in mind when designing their robots. Better safe than sorry.