Answered: Three Questions about rules

  1. What would happen if my opponents hang during the autonomous period and my robot stops under their robot? I think it would be illegal but I cannot find any rules directly meet the situation.
  2. The rules allow us to pull our robot back if it touches the colorful fields with one wheel, but if our robot touches the colorful field of hanging zone, can we pull it back to the colorful field of middle zone? Because we think these two zones are connect.
  3. During the match, we can make changes on our robot. My question is that is there a limitation of modification? Or, we can make changes at any time in any degrees as long as they are legal. For instance, what if I finish my Driver Skills match and then make some changes on my robot’s structure and let my robot re-inspected to join the tournament?

What you have described does not violate any rules.

This is not legal. You cannot transfer your Robot between Alliance Starting Tiles during the legal interactions allowed in <SG4>.

You can make as many changes as you like between Matches, provided you have your Robot re-inspected after making major changes.

For first question:
Even though my robot blocks their way to re-touch the ground, it is still not a illegal action?