Answered: Timeouts during Elimination

I was questioned on the amount of timeouts during Elimination rounds, and would like an official answer.

Rule <T04> States:

There are no time outs in the qualifying rounds; in the elimination rounds, each alliance will be allotted ONE time out of no more than three minutes, as permitted by the head referee. The matches must progress according to schedule.

Does this mean that a team is allowed ONE timeout during the entire Elimination proceeding from Quarterfinals to Finals, OR Three times total, One in QF, One in SF, and One in Finals?

Thank you for the response.

I’ve moved this thread into the Official VRC Toss Up Q&A forum, since it seems like you’re looking for an official rules interpretation from the GDC. I’m sorry for any delay in getting your answer.

Teams are allowed one timeout for the entire duration of the elimination rounds, from Quarterfinals to Finals.

Thank you very much. I will spread the knowledge.

You’re welcome.

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