Answered: Timing of the Introduction of the doubler / negation elements

Teams are becoming very aware of the time and are trying to do some split second moves. From a recent match:

35 Seconds - first chime sounds
– team reaches down and picks up doubler
34 - second chime
– robot arrives in interaction zone loading square
33- third chime, becoming a bong sound
– roboteer positions the part and begins moving it to the robot
32 - Second louder bong sound
– roboteer puts the doubler into the robot but still has control of it in their hand
31 - Third bong sounds
– roboteer is still holding the doubler
30 - Final BONG
– roboteer releases the doubler
29 - Bong reverberates around the arena
– robot drives away

Rules say

I warned the team that the doubler could not touch the robot until the 30 second mark. But, I thought I’d put it up here for an official ruling.


You are correct, this would not be legal. Once a Scoring Object touches a Robot or an Alliance Starting Tile, it is considered introduced. Please see this earlier Q&A entry for more details.