Answered: Tipped base with stacked cones

We had a situation on Sat. Jan. 6th which we would like clarification on how to interpret the rules. I know that a base with stacked cones can be tipped and supported by a field element (perimeter wall) and have the cones count as scored. What if the tipped stack of cones is being supported by a robot, see attached picture. We figured the base did not count as scored as it was touched by the robot, and the top 3 cones did not count as they also were touched by the robot. However, the 9 nested cones between the mobile goal and the top 3 cones were fully nested and untouched. We counted them, but are looking for assurance that was the correct call for future tournaments. The 9 cones were not match effecting so it really didn’t matter that much, but it might the next time around. Thank You for your time.

Your picture did not attach; however, given your description, it sounds like this was the correct call. If the Cones would have been considered Scored were they not being contacted by a robot, then all Cones above (and including) the one being contacted are the only ones that are not considered Scored.