Answered: Tipping--Follow up Question

In my previous question about tipping, the answer was that it is impossible to issue a blanket statement. Wouldn’t the blanket statement be found in the rules?

"“VEX Gateway is intended to be an offensive game. Teams who partake in solely defensive strategies will undergo extra scrutiny in regards to <G11>. In the case where referees are forced to make a judgment call on interaction between a defensive and offensive Robot, the referees will err on the side of the offensive Robot”

A is trying to score, B blocks and tips over A. A is being offensive, B is being defensive. If tipping in this situation is okay, that changes the whole game. :confused:

Please see the second response to the following thread, also started by you:

In the situation you describe with robots A & B, there is no blanket ruling to be issued in either direction. Each case of tipping will be treated individually by the Head Referee at the event.

Also, I urge you read <G11> in its entirety. I’ve quoted the entire rule (some of which you omitted) below, with some text bolded for emphasis:

There is nothing your example to indicate that the tipping was intentional or egregious. Without this information it is impossible to issue a blanket ruling, which has been stated multiple times. However, in general simple Robot to Robot contact is expected and will not be penalized.

Thank you for your answer. Sorry for the multiple posts, I am new to the forum and didn’t know if my follow up question should be a new thread.

You’re welcome.