Answered: Tipping the ladder...

While reviewing team strategies, as well as prospective robot designs specifically for worlds, I was wondering if I could get some clarification with regards to tipping the ladder…

  1. In accordance with SG6 of the manual, intentional tipping of the ladder is prohibited. Does the ruling still stand that “tipping” is defined as the ladder being on one of it’s four sides at the end of the match?

  2. If so, will it be legal for a team to tip the ladder to ~30-45 degrees off the vertical?

  3. Is it legal for a team to tip the ladder completely over on it’s side, and then at the end of the match, right it again, so that it is not on it’s side at the end of the match?

  4. And will all these rulings/clarifications apply to both the middle-school and college divisions as well?

Thanks in advance!

After careful consideration, we have decided that the ladder will be considered tipped if it’s laying on the ground at any point during the match.



Yes, all rulings in the Q&A apply to both the high school, middle school and where applicable college divisions.

Thanks so much! That answered my questions perfectly!