Answered: Tipping While Descoring <G11>

Hi! During one of the competitions we were in, there was a point where we were
going to descore some sacks within a trough, but there was an opposing robot with their pickup mechanism directly above the trough. We went in to descore the sacks, but ended up tipping the opposing team in the process.

Here is the video:

In the end, our team was not disqualified for this, but we received a huge warning not to do this again. Under <G11> it says:

Should this have been called as a violation of <G11>?

Also, a thank you to team 1069F for filming the match and uploading it to youtube. :slight_smile:

From what can be discerned in this video, there was no clear violation of <G11>. However in any case of accidental tipping, it’s appropriate for the referees to warn the team to be more careful in the future.