Answered: Tipping

If a robot A is trying to score an object in a high goal, and robot B is blocking between the goal and robot A is tipped over due to defensive contact, what would the ruling be? Robot A is fully extended up and robot B is as well, as part of this block.


It is impossible to issue a blanket ruling on a hypothetical situation as you have described without seeing the entire situation. From what you have described, it does not seem like there would be a call for tipping, but again, it is impossible to tell without knowing the entirety of the situation.

Thank you for your answer. The rules seem to be rather clear on this issue. Rule G11:

“VEX Gateway is intended to be an offensive game. Teams who partake in solely defensive strategies will undergo extra scrutiny in regards to <G11>. In the case where referees are forced to make a judgment call on interaction between a defensive and offensive Robot, the referees will err on the side of the offensive Robot”

This would seem to favor the robot trying to score an object in the scenario I described.

You are correct, the rules do favour offensive robots, however this does not mean a defensive robot will be automatically punished in any case of robot to robot interaction. There are many legal ways to play defense on an offensive robot without violating <G11>. If you are looking for a blanket statement that states that any team who blocks a goal and accidentally tips a robot will be disqualified, you will not find one.

Thank you. That clears up my question.

You’re welcome.