Answered: Tolerance on Skyrise Base position, and use of guide to help position robot

There is no dimension or tolerance given for the position of the Skyrise Base relative to any other position in the VEX Skyrise Field Specifications document. Ideally, the Skyrise Base would be on the same lines as the small post, and autoloader CL positions, which would be 23.50” from the walls. The position of the entire foam tile floor however, can be offset in any direction. The Skyrise Base would then seem to fall under the tolerance listed in the VEX Skyrise Game Manual under G14 “Field tolerances may vary by as much as ±1”, except where otherwise noted, so teams must design Robots accordingly.”

In addition to the overall foam tile floor position relative to the walls varying, it is possible to install the Skyrise Baseplate at the intersection of the foam tiles so that the offset from the tile edges is different. In the VEX Skyrise Field Assembly document, this can be seen by the two images on page 4. The Baseplate is positioned ~0.25” to the left in Image B relative to Image C. I’m not sure if the older tiles, where more than ½ of the outside tabs are removed, -vs- the new tiles where ½ of the outside tabs are removed could cause some additional variation.

  1. Given the small margin of error for successfully placing a Skyrise inside of another Skyrise, is there an allowable position and tolerance that can be known for the Skyrise Base location relative to the autoloader position?

  2. To help with this issue, would the use of a length of VEX chain, or 1/8”, braided, nylon rope that is permanently attached to the robot at one end, and extended to help guide the setting of the position of the robot relative to the Skyrise Base at its detachable end be legal? The chain/rope would be fully secured back within the allowed robot dimensions prior to the start of a match.

Thank You!

Based on the field tolerances, the Skyrise Base position will be within +/- 1" of nominal from the autoloader. The geometry of the Skyrise Base, and the Skyrise Sections themselves are designed to reduce the need for precision.

Yes, this is legal, provided no other rules are violated in the process.