Answered: Touching scored objects but not descoring them

A question came up about whether or not it is legal to touch and lift scored objects in order to try to descore the topmost object in the high goal if it is not completely below the top of the goal. The robot basically lifts a column of the scored objects in an attempt to get the top object (which in this image can be legally descored) to fall off. Then it drops the column of scored objects back, leaving all of the previously scored objects in the goal. Seems like it should be legal, but wanted to check. Being allowed to get rid of the negation barrel at the top of the stack as shown in the attached image would have made a big difference in scoring…

lift stack to descore negation barrel.JPG

The strategy you described does not violate any rules, thus is legal.

Thanks Karthik! We’ll bring a copy of this post to our next competition in case the question comes up again…

You’re welcome!