Answered: Touching Skyrise in Autoloader

Background: In this thread it is ruled that it is legal for a Driver to readjust the Skyrise section in the Autoloader if a robot is not touching it.

Scenario: The robot grabs the Skyrise and takes it out of the Autoloader, but it is at an angle that is hard to score with. However, the robot is unable to place the Skyrise back into the Autoloader to regrab it. It drops the Skyrise section right above the Autoloader, and in the instant the Skyrise section is touching the Autoloader, the Driver grabs the Skyrise and places it back in correctly.

  1. Since the robot is not touching the Skyrise section and it is in the Autoloader, would this be legal, assuming the Driver has perfect timing and grabs the section at the instant the Skyrise section touches the Autoloader?
  2. What if the Driver doesn’t have good timing and touches the Skyrise section either too early or too late?


It is not sufficient for the Skyrise Section to simply be touching the Autoloader for the Student Drive Team Member to adjust it. The Skyrise Section must not be touching the Robot and it must be in the Autoloader, i.e. Breaking the plane of the inner circle of the Autoloader.

You would then be in violation of the rules. In situations like this we recommend that Student Drive Team Members err on the side of caution.

Thanks for the clarification!

You’re welcome!

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