Answered: Touching the low post and/or wall with cube during preload

We have a l volunteer judge interpreting the skyrise rules below as not being able to lean a cube onto the low post (or wall) during preload

<G2> At the beginning of a Match, each Robot must be smaller than a volume of 18 inches wide by 18
inches long by 18 inches tall. An offending Robot will be removed from the match at the Head Referee’s

"<SG2> Prior to the start of each Match, each Robot must use their one (1) Cube available as a Preload.
A Cube is considered to be legally preloaded if it is touching the Robot, not touching any other grey foam
tiles or the Skyrise Base, and is fully within the field perimeter. (See figures 18 & 19) "

I interpret this as:
A cube above the grey mat is legal (just can’t touch it)
The Skyrise base is only the yellow base on the diagonal between the two colored squares not the gray posts
A cube touching the wall or tube is legal as a preload long as no part of the cube or robot is outside the inner wall.

We need them to see an official answer before our competition on Saturday Jan7th

This interpretation is incorrect.

This interpretation is correct.