Answered: Tournament Order of Progression Through Initialize, Autonomous and Driver?

We have a program that allows us to select the autonomous mode while in the ‘Initialize’ mode which I understand means the judges have not yet ‘enabled’ the field.

With our simulator switch we are able to select autonomous while in initialize and when the field is ‘enabled’ for autonomous the program runs just fine.

On our simulator switch we were leaving the field ‘enabled’ after autonomous mode and simply flipping the switch from ‘autonomous’ to ‘driver’ which allowed us to enter driver mode immediately and we had no problems.

However, this past weekend at our tournament it became clear that the judging/tech staff was not leaving the field enabled after autonomous - they were disabling the field after autonomous and then enabling the field again under ‘driver’ mode.

This caused some problems for us as when the disabled the field our bot re-entered the initialize mode and expected some input from the LCD panel.

**Now for my question:

What is the exact progression that is to be used by the tech staff at a Vex competition - are they supposed to disable the field again between autonomous and driver or was that a mistake?**

Obviously the answer plays heavily into our programming planning. Thanks!

Hello Team 3887,

In Sack Attack the pause(disable mode) between Autonomous and Driver mode is required, as this pause is used to count the number of scored points.
However, this pause may not be required on future games.

I would advise you to modify your code to work with or without such pause, this can be easily simulated using the VEXnet Competition Switch.
Also it sounds like you are selecting your autonomous routine with the LCD on the initialization period, rather than on the autonomous period. This may be the reason your robot fails to enter driver mode, as its waiting on input from the LCD.