Answered: Tournament Rule Interpretation Continuity

In a tournament, under what cases should an incorrect interpretation of a rule continue to be used?

For example: The judges interpret a rule in a certain way, and that interpretation is used in a match. More matches are then played under that same interpretation, but, later in the day, the judges take another look at the rule and realize they were incorrect. Should the judges play all further matches under the new or the old interpretation of the rule?

If there are other scenarios other than the one in the example above that have to do with rule-interpretation-continuity, those would be good to explain too.

Thanks in advance!

It’s impossible to issue any sort of a blanket ruling on a broad hypothetical situation such as this one. In general we expect/hope that referees will be using correct interpretations at all times. If it’s discovered that repeated large scale mistakes have been made, every effort should be made by the referees and the Event Partner to correct these mistakes. If they’re uncertain of how to handle the situation, they can always contact their RECF Regional Support Manager for guidance.

If you have a specific situation you’d like to address, we can try and offer some guidance here.