Answered: Tournament Structure at World Championships

Our Scouts are planning their scouting strategy for Dallas, and need to know how many divisions and fields they need to cover. Will this information be available shortly? Thanks!

Hi Rick,

We sent out an email earlier today to all registered teams with some more detailed information about the World Championship (sometimes takes awhile for the system to process and send it to everyone, but if you don’t have it yet, you should see it soon).

Anyway, the VRC World Championship next week will divide the teams into two divisions. There will be 6 competition fields dedicated to qualifying matches for all teams - these 6 fields will be in two different competition areas (3 fields at each). Each division will spend half their time/matches on each set of three fields. The time will be in set blocks (about 3 hours each), so teams will always know which set of fields they (and the other teams in their division) are playing on.

In short, each team will only need to scout half the total field of teams for the alliance picking in their division. Each division will pick 8 playoff alliances - so 24 teams from each division will make the playoffs.

We hope to post the field layout, team lists, and division assignments by the end of the week.

Just after I read this response I received the email. Thanks Jason (and all the other IFI folks).