Answered: Transmitter batteries

Rule <R5> states, “The only allowable source of power for a VEX Robotics Competition Robot is a single VEX 7.2v Robot Battery Pack, unlesss the robot is utilizing the VEX Power Expander.” However, no mention is made regarding transmitter batteries. Is it allowable to use AA batteries in the transmitter, or is the 9.6v battery from the VEX Power Pack the only allowable way to power the transmitter? (We are a low budget team, so allowing AA’s for back-up during competition would greatly help).

The 9.6v battery from the VEX Power Pack is the only legal way to power your transmitter. If budget is a concern, consider finding another team to share Power Packs with at competition. Also, you can practice using AA batteries, but you cannot use them during competition.