Answered: Trapped Ball

We had an interesting match last weekend where a scoring object was trapped in the chassis of a robot during the autonomous period. As a referee, I instructed the driver that they could not remove the ball and they were limited to possessing three scoring objects (in addition to the one on the robot) during the driver control period. Is this correct?

This later led to the discussion - What would I do if the opposing alliance intentionally caused a ball to be trapped on a robot?

Edit: On another thread in response to this question a user mentioned SG13 which starts as "Intentional strategies causing an opponent to violate a rule are not permitted… Meaning that when a robot has four balls an opponent cannot intentionally add a fifth.

To explain my second question - If a robot is not in possession of any balls and an opponent drops a ball into their chassis it limits their capacity for the rest of the match. I would assume that if it happens by accident then that robot would be limited to fewer controllable field objects in their possession. If it happens intentionally then what?

This was correct.

You are correct, if it happens by accident, the Robot stuck Possessing the Ball would be limited to three additional Balls of possession. However if was this was an intentional act, the team who placed the Ball on the opposing Robot would be subject to <SG13>.