Answered: Trapping in the case of a "robot sandwich"

Hi Karthik!

The definition for trapping states that:

What I was wondering is whether a blue robot being “sandwiched” between two red robots, in a manner which it is UNABLE to escape, is considered trapping. You could argue that it WOULD be considered trapping, as the robot is restricted into an area the size of a field tile or less, and there is also no USABLE avenue allowed for escape. However, I had others argue that it wouldn’t be considered trapping because there would be space on either side of the sandwich, even if that space couldn’t be utilised by the “sandwiched” robot, an avenue of escape was still being allowed, and the area the robot was being trapped in wasn’t confined due to the empty space at the sides.

I was wondering if you could clarify what the ruling would be in this case. I do understand that you can’t give a blanket ruling on all cases like this, but in the case of a theoretical “perfect robot sandwich”, how would this be ruled?


In the case of a “perfect robot sandwich”, the situation would not be ruled as trapping, as the robot has at least one clear path for escape.