Answered: Trouble Downloading from EasyC

Hello Everybody,
Our team’s computer just recently died and we had to download eazy c version 4 on a new computer to be used for programming. After rebuilding our entire coded we are encountering problems downloading the code onto the cortex. Currently when we try to download the code we receive a message that says we need to update the mater code for both the cortex and the joystick. We did this and then chose to never see that message again. When we get into the terminal window we receive a message that tells us to enable download, make sure that power is on and the serial/usb cable is connected. Everything is connected and everything is powered on. We don’t know where to go from here.

Are you trying to download to the Cortex from the joystick via USB A-A cable or at you trying to download over wireless.

Please try downloading the latest version of easyC V4.