Answered: Trouble getting Vex Easy C to talk to two new Cortex Processors

Hello, I recently bought two processors for my newest teams. I went to show them how to connect to the computer for programming and got no signs of life. In the past, with controllers bought over a year ago, if I plugged one in with the A-A USB cable, lights would come on to show some connectivity, without using a battery. Not this time, I got no signs of life (USB recognizing something was there) until I plugged and turned on a battery. So now with the battery on, I still can’t get Easy C V to establish contact with the processor. When I try to download program, I get “Cannot Read Controller Configuration” or “cannot download in boot mode”

I have tried using the IFI loader to try to download master code to the processor and have gotten anything from “Can’t find ID Tags” “Lost Connectivity” “Update IFI loader contact Vex” To seemingly successful download but I then get timed out and no green status button.

What new step an I missing that wasn’t there with last year’s models? Do I have to put the new processor into reset by clicking the config button and then connecting the USB cable and then turning on the battery and then what? IFI loader?

Any help is desperately needed and eternally appreciated. We are getting closer to our first tournament and need to get two more robots up and running. Thank you.

-Carlos Castro

**Try connecting one of your old units to the same PC with the same USB A-A Cable to verify the PC and Cable are working correctly. If that works as before, an your new units do not have any LEDs come ON when connected to the same PC with only the same USB Cable, you will need to contact our Tech Support to obtain a RMA Number for the return of the units.

One other thing to try - Our new unit communicates differently and requires a Driver to be installed on your PC before communication can be established. If you have not already done so, try installing the “VEXnet Serial USB Driver” located on our Downloads web page. The *.zip file that you download will contain a PDF instruction sheet to guide you through the installation process. **