Answered: Trying to understand disqualification when a robot can't move.

We are participating in the Georgia State Championships and I just witnessed my son’s robot win a match but he was disqualified at the end because with 20 seconds left he and another robot entangled (at least the 2 of them couldn’t move) but because his remote wouldn’t make his robot move and the other robot would move less then 1 inch he was disqualified for pinning? I have searched the threads because everyone has told me this has happened and there was a post that stated that if it was incidental contact and the robot became disconnected it wasn’t pinning. I can’t find the post … and I truly don’t understand how in the competition that rule if it is true is so black and white.

Appreciate input from those that understand the rules better than I.

This is the video of the match and you can see that he is telling him it won’t move.

We can’t comment on snapshots of situations based on video evidence. That being said, in general if two Robots become entangled in an incidental fashion, neither Robot should be called for Pinning.