Answered: Tubes surrounding movable goals touching the ground

Are tubes that are surrounding a movable weighted base but also touching the ground (i.e. the movable weight base is tipped over with tubes on its post) considered scored?

At a recent competition the referees were calling tubes in this scenario NOT scored, but I have read the rules and found nothing that backs this up. The closest thing I can find is the definition of “scored” which states:

Because this notes an exception for the projection but not of the tubes on the base, I assumed the tubes were scored. Am I missing something?

The definition you quoted answers your question. As long as a tube is encircling the goalpost (and not touching a robot of the same colour) it is scored. There is no clause excluding tubes which are touching the foam field tiles.

Okay. Thank you. I just wanted to make sure.

Also, I have a question about a weirder scenario which is similar.

The post on one of the movable bases became separated from the base with a tube on it. The post was then lying on the ground with a tube surrounding it. There was no other scoring in the match, so it was the only tube possibly scored. The referees did not count it and they replayed the match because it came off. Would this tube be counted as scored?