Answered: Two Controller Robot

How would you use two controller on a robot? I have searched the Vex forums for answers and other sites, but i didn’t understand what they meant. I have two RF receivers module and two transmitters with different crystals 61 and 89. I can only use 1 controller but not the other. Would I need to program the Vex Micro controller?

No Programming is required and you can have 2 VEX Microcontrollers on your robot. Each Microcontroller must have a Receiver Module and Crystal. The Crystals must not be the same frequency. You must also have 2 VEX Transmitters and Crystals. The Transmitter Crystals must have the same frequency as the Receiver Crystals. This would be the same configuration you would have if you were running 2 different robots in the same area at the same time – only you have 1 robot with 2 VEX Microcontrollers. Each Transmitter will only talk to the Receiver/Microcontroller with the corresponding frequency.