Answered: Two Questions: Loading During Match & R2b

So even though I feel like Karthik’s gonna answer and totally pwn me, I really would like to know the answer to these questions:

  1. Loading During Match
    Rule SG7 states:

So to clarify I suppose, does “gently placed on a robot” mean all you can do is just set it on top of your robot or can you actually have the robot sit while you load it into your robots ‘loader’? I know you’re not supposed to touch your robot once it has left your alliance starting tile (G6) but can you load a game object specifically into a loading mechanism on the robot as long as you don’t touch the robot?

  1. R2 B

If you were to have, for example, two different mechanisms that you could switch in between matches (use 4 wheel tank for one match, swerve modules the next, i.e.) would it be legal? It seems that this rule says it would, you would just have to show each “configuration” during inspection. Or would you have to abide by R2 A:

I guess this question basically comes down to what exactly do the words “configuration” and “significant” mean?

Thanks ahead of time.
Karthik, I look forward greatly to the ridicule I will soon face :o

Yes, as long as you don’t touch the Robot, you can place the object into a “loader”.

To answer this question, we need to look back to <R1> of the VEX Gateway Game Manual, quoted below.

I’ve bolded some text for emphasis. Based on the example you’ve given, you would be swapping out an entire subsystem of Item 1, hence this would not be legal.

No ridicule here, these were both good questions!

Thanks Karthik. I was pretty confident that that would be the answer for the first question. The answer to the second question is really helpful though. I guess no swapping between 6 wheel drive and mecanum for me :frowning: Unless… I could take a page from 148, GUS-Aperture…

As always Karthik, thanks for all the help.


P.S. - I wish I could have made it to your seminar at St. Louis! Will you guys have any archived video of it? That would be awesome.